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Car Scratch Repair in Somerset

One of the single most noticeable parts of a car is the colour. A quality paint job has the power to completely change the way a car looks but when the paint is damaged it can, quite literally, take the shine off even the nicest vehicle. No matter how well cared for a car is, accidents can happen and paint work can be scratched by anything from a missed key insertion to an overgrown hedge on a tight lane. Car scratch repair may seem like a minor consideration but, depending on the depth and location of the damage it can be difficult to remove scratches from car paint.

How We Remove Scratches from Car Paint

Unlike the big brand garages that can be seen in any town and city centre Somerset Smart Repair is an independent, local run business. Being independent means there are no restrictions on the products and techniques used to remove scratches from car paint. Our ethos is to use the best quality, professional scratch removal products available and to take the time to create the best possible finish. Our customers know that when we work on their pride and joy we aren’t under the same time pressure from a corporate head office. Rather than rush through as many jobs as possible we consider ourselves craftsmen and our portfolio reflects that.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Scratch on a Car?

There are a number of factors that affect the total cost of car scratch repair. The size, depth and location of the scratch combined with the type of paint that has been damaged all influence the time and skill it takes to repair. The good news is the total cost does not always have to be paid directly by the customer. Insurance claims for scratch repair are more common than most realise. Many people assume that an insurance claim for a scratch repair will be detrimental in the long run and will be a hugely complicated process to navigate. Part of what Makes Somerset Smart Repair special is that we can advise you on the best way to proceed to reduce the overall cost of the work you need to restore your car to its former glory.


Get in touch today to find out just how Somerset Smart Repair fix scratches on car paint and how we can help you.

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