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Car Bumper Resprays by Somerset Smart Repair

There are a number of reasons why a car bumper respray may be necessary but whatever the reason it should always be done to the best possible standard. The bumper is a substantial element of the front or rear end of a vehicle and, as such, requires specialist skills to repaint. Correctly matching the existing paint system, along with the finish and application takes skill and should not be rushed. When a car or van is involved in a low impact collision the bumper will deform to absorb impact and may crack. Sometimes the damage sustained is sufficient to warrant a complete replacement rather than a simple repair as would be possible from a scuff or superficial scratch.

Bumper Respray Cost and Considerations

When an entire front or rear bumper is replaced the paint on the new part must match the existing plastic vehicle components or the difference will be more obvious. The make and model of the car also play a part in the total amount of work though most modern cars are designed to make replacing panels fairly straight forward. The total cost for a bumper respray can, at first, appear daunting and can be higher than expected particularly for luxury vehicles that have highly technical paint. Fortunately, in most cases, it is possible to make an insurance claim to cover the cost. The idea of losing no claims bonuses or raising the cost of premiums can be a worry but our technicians are on hand to help guide you through the process and can explain the benefits of using the insurance company to reduce the financial strain.

Why Choose Us for Your Bumper Respray?

Whether it is a rear or a front bumper respray that is required the quality of work remains the same. Somerset Smart Repair has the advantage of not being part of a large national chain. This means we are able to choose any product on the market to complete a bumper respray rather than being constrained by a set list of pre approved products that may not be the best. The quality of our work speaks for itself and is the reason so many of our customers use us whenever they need high quality, specialist work.


Get in touch with Somerset Smart Repair today to discuss your bumper respray or any of our other outstanding services.

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