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Alloy wheel refurbishment Somerset

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Benefits

Alloy wheels don’t just look better than a steel wheel with a plastic hubcap they perform better too. Unfortunately, the way such a wheel looks remains one of its key features and any damage can drastically change its appearance. The most common reason for someone to need an alloy wheel refurbishment is the dreaded kerb scrape. A momentary loss of focus leads to the outer edge of the pristine wheel coming into contact with concrete leaving nasty scratches and gouges that instantly spoil the surface. For all but the most dedicated enthusiast the possibility of doing a home alloy refurbishment is unrealistic.

What Does an Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Cost?

Like most things in life the amount an alloy wheel refurbishment costs is based on a number of factors. The extent and depth of the damage, the finish on the wheel, the size and type of the wheel - all these elements play a part in the total cost of restoring an alloy wheel to its former glory. Every alloy wheel restoration we undertake is treated as the unique job that it is. Our main concern is to make the wheel look like new and, because we are an independent workshop we are able to source products and use the methods that we know work best. Large national chain garages are limited in their choice of materials and techniques and are often stuck using what is most profitable rather than most effective.

Book Your Alloy Wheel Restoration Now

Somerset Smart Repair is situated less than five minutes from Junction 26 on the M5. Call us on 07790 484373 email or fill in our Contact Form. now and we will discuss your options prior to providing a quote. It may be possible to make an insurance claim to cover the cost of your alloy wheel refurbishment. We have dealt with many customers that have been unaware of using their insurance for jobs like these so we are able to help advise you on the best way forward. ​


Get your wheels looking like new again with an alloy wheel refurbishment from Somerset Smart Repairs

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