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Car headlight restoration Somerset

Headlight Restoration Improves Safety

Car headlight restoration may not give you performance boost or radically alter the way your car looks but it will have an effect on safety. Poor condition headlight plastics reduces your ability to both see and be seen. Normal driving, even in summer, exposes the front end of your car to massive amounts of grit, dust, dirt and UV contamination. Even if you keep your car scrupulously clean the detrimental effects of driving will accumulate over time leading to less effective headlights. In the worst cases a fogged headlight can cause a vehicle to fail its MOT. Fortunately, car headlight restoration and refurbishment can undo years of damage making it easier to see hazards, potholes and puddles far further ahead.

How Do We Do Headlamp Restoration?

One of the key advantages in working with Somerst Smart Repair is that we are an independent workshop. Unlike the big box brands you find in any town and city across the country we have total control of the products and techniques we use. The technicians in our workshop are free to develop the best techniques and to find the most effective products rather than being constrained by corporate guidelines. Working in this way has led to many happy customers who gladly recommend us to others as they trust the quality of our workmanship and attention to detail.

Where Can I Get Headlight Restoration Near Me?

Somerset Smart Repair is based in Wellington but we cater to customers all over the South West. Our workshop is located less than five minutes from Junction 26 on the M5 motorway which makes us incredibly easy to reach from Bristol, Exeter and further afield. If your headlights have seen better days, look foggy or fail to illuminate your life, get in touch today for a quote for your headlight refurbishment.


Make your car safer and more pleasant to drive in poor conditions by booking a headlight restoration with Somerset Smart Repair today.

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