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Dent Removal and Repairing Scuffed Bumpers

Car Scratch and Dent Repair in Somerset

No matter how careful you are, small amounts of damage to the outside of your car. Whether it's a low speed bump in a carpark or getting too close to an overgrown hedgerow, paintwork and bumpers suffer. Lets face it, dent removal and repairing scuffed bumpers isn’t going to radically improve the performance of your car. Refurbishing a scuffed bumper or getting a car dent repaired will not only make your car a joy to behold, it will also help hold its value should you wish to part exchange or sell it in the future. Getting your car back to its former glory may not cost as much as you expect and claiming for the work through insurance is easier than most people think.

Getting the scratches and dents out of your car or sorting out a few bumper scuffs makes sound financial sense but why choose Somerset Smart Repair? Our workshop is independently owned and run making us much more flexible. We aim to build long term relationships with our customers and the easiest way to do that is to complete all work to the highest possible standard. We are also easy to talk to. We don’t invest in robots to direct your calls, when you phone or email us one of our team will respond in person to help you.

Contact Us Today for a Quote

Every job we do is a little bit different so we like to take our time to understand the task so that our quotes are accurate. If you need a scuffed bumper repaired, a dent pulled or some scratches removed you can call us on 07790 484373 email or fill in our Contact Form. Our workshop is just a few minutes from Junction 26 on the M5 making us easy to reach.

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