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Dent Removal and Repairing Scuffed Bumpers


Car Paint Restoration & Swirl Mark Removal

Car Paint Restoration in Somerset

The first and most obvious thing about almost every car is its colour. Over time, however, the vibrancy and brilliance of car paint can and will fade. The rate at which car paint colour fades depends on many factors such as the quality of the paint, exposure to sunlight and how well the paint has been cared for during and after washing. To restore car paintwork properly is no easy task. Experience, skill and time are needed to restore faded car paint if you want to get the best results. If your pride and joy is looking less than its best read on to find out why working with Somerset Smart Repair is the right choice.

Why Choose Us for Your Car Paint Restoration?

As an independent workshop we have the benefit of working on cars of all ages from every conceivable manufacturer. Dealing with such a variety of types and ages of car paint over the years has given us a wealth of experience and enabled us to finely tune our techniques and the products we use. Whether you have a beloved classic in need of some love or you’ve picked up some swirl marks in your paintwork from an aggressive car wash we can help. Before we start any work we will talk through your options, discuss our plan of action and answer any questions you may have.

Don’t Wait to Restore Your Car Paintwork

Like so many things in life, the longer you wait the worse it gets. If you have been considering getting your paint job restored, improved or need swirl mark removal now it the time to act. It may even be possible to use your insurance policy to pay for the work though if you are unsure we can help talk you through the process. Call us on 07790 484373 email: or fill in our Contact Form and start the ball rolling. Our workshop is less than 5 minutes away from Junction 26 on the M5 near Wellington.

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