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Insurance Car Repairs to Paintwork

Getting Your Car Repaired with an Insurance Claim

All too often people fall into the trap of believing that making an insurance claim for certain car repairs isn’t the best idea. Protecting the no claims bonus and reducing the future cost of premiums is the name of the game. If your car is severely damaged enough and considered an insurance write off then there is no decision to make but what if you scraped up against a wall on your driveway or accidentally made contact with a bollard? Some insurers offer specific cosmetic car insurance or windscreen repair insurance as an add on so you end up paying more over time to cover the possibility of a minor incident but shouldn’t your insurance already do that?

Using Your Insurance for Car Repairs

Despite what many people believe, claiming for car repairs is often the best thing to do. When the unexpected happens and you have a choice between getting your car repaired or, where possible, putting up with the damage day in day out the easier option seems to be to leave it. If the damage isn’t so severe that it renders the car unsafe or undriveable it is still important to get it repaired. Scratched, dented and damaged paintwork can let rust in making a potentially simple repair much more difficult. When it comes time to sell your car on or trade it in a small amount of damage can drastically reduce the resale value, potentially further than the total cost of the original repair. Even if you are in the fortunate position to have enough cash on hand to cover the cost of repairs it makes more sense to make an insurance claim and make use of the money already paid.

Making a Car Insurance Claim for Repairs

Over the years we have worked with a huge number of people that have been put off making a car insurance claim for repairs. The reason is usually because of the loss of a no claims bonus and an increase in premiums. We have worked with customers who have been convinced using credit to cover repair costs is cheaper overall than an insurance claim. If you are unsure whether or not to get your vehicle repaired because you don’t have cash available and are reluctant to make an insurance claim contact us today. We have plenty of experience of working with insurance companies and can help you to make a more informed choice when it comes to how to make a car insurance claim for your repairs.


DAMS Claim Management 

Somerset Smart Repair is proud to work along side DAMS. (Direct Accident Management Ltd)


DAMS is one of the largest accident management companies. Their sole aim is to support victims of non-fault traffic accidents and to continually support the U.K. motor industry. (Find DAMS on Trust pilot)


If/when you are a victim of non-fault damage to your vehicle, the service provided by DAMS will take away any stress and ensure that


  • You pay NO excess

  • Have a hire car delivered to your home/work

  • Receive full claim management, recovering maximum compensation/reimbursement

  • DAMS have an extensive fleet including motorbikes, cars, commercials, prestige and more.

  • DAMS cater for all ages even for those under 21 years of age!


Together with DAMS, we ensure that your car is repaired to the highest quality of work and repairs.


Don’t let an insurance company stipulate where your car is repaired, this allows them to have full control usually authorising a repair to minimal standard/rate.


Give us a call or pop in to Somerset Smart Repair to start the process of a hassle free non fault insurance claim.


Let DAMS and Somerset Smart Repair manage your claim today!

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